We presented our work at the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award. 
The theme was: connect with.
We have illustrated our point of view by letting our imagination run wild.
This project was carried out in a time of a global pandemic. It was accomplished without seeing each other in order to work together. We realized that team creation is more complex when done remotely. This allowed us to learn about this new mode of teleworking and to develop our tools in order to be more productive. That being said, I am proud to present to you this projection mapping project carried out with my team ATTO : Fræktal.

Establishment of different connections between concepts who don’t seem related at first glance. The journey will begin at the atomic level and bring us back to our scale and beyond.
The jury's special award was given to ATTO (Canada)'s work "Fræktal". Mr. Yasushi Kawamoto, a judge, said, "It was a work that captured what is happening in the world on a global scale. For Japanese people, it is more important to be close to people, people close to them, and connections with them. I think it's a good idea, but it was wonderful to express the situation of the world from a more global perspective. "
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